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E4D Same Day Crowns

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Damaged teeth put your oral health at risk. Bacteria can enter the tooth and lead to a serious infection inside the tooth, leading to significant pain, abscesses and potential bacteria in the bloodstream. Crowns are one of the best ways to restore damaged teeth. Traditionally, however, the process for getting a dental crown is lengthy. It involves two visits, with up to two weeks in between. At Jon C. Packman DDS, we can provide you with same day crowns, with E4D.

Traditional Crown Procedure

Traditionally, getting a dental crown takes two visits. On your first visit, the tooth is prepared. Preparing the tooth involves removing some of the enamel of the affected tooth. This allows your new crown to fit in naturally and comfortably with the rest of your smile. After the tooth is prepared, a mold of your mouth is taken, using impression putty.

The mold is sent to a lab, where the crown is created. It takes up to two weeks for the crown to be made and sent back. You would be provided with a temporary crown while you wait. On your second visit, your crown would be cemented in place.

E4D Technology

The E4D system is a CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) unit that allows us to design and create porcelain crowns. The system consists of a digital scanner (intraoral camera), design software and a milling machine. The system is located right in our office and provides us with the ability to custom create your new crown on-site. Rather than having to wait two weeks for your new crown to be made, it is available for you the same day. Your wait period and the need for a temporary crown are eliminated.

How E4D Works

The E4D system takes over your crown process after your tooth is prepared. The intraoral camera is used to obtain a three-dimensional scan of the inside of your mouth, eliminating the need for traditional impression putty. The scan takes only minutes and is displayed almost immediately on our computer monitor.

Next, we use the design software to create your new crown. With the impression, the software allows us to design one that will fit perfectly in your mouth. We can also select finishes for your crown so that it blends in with your natural teeth.

Once your crown is designed, the information is then transferred to the milling unit. Your crown is milled to the exact specifications of the design. When it is finished, it can then be cemented in place. You leave the same day with a beautiful, fully-functional crown.

Benefits of Same Day Crowns

There are several benefits to same day crowns:
•  There is no need for a second visit. Instead, you leave your appointment with your final restoration.
•  You avoid temporary restorations.
•  The discomfort, sensitivity, and risk often associated with temporary restorations are eliminated.
•  Molds are taken with an intraoral scanner, eliminating the need for putty.

If you have a damaged tooth, a crown can restore the tooth, provide it with strength, and protect it from infection.
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