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What Can Lead to Severe Mouth Pain?

Posted on 4/2/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
If your mouth is hurting, we are willing to bet not a whole lot matters. It feels like if your mouth is hurting, then everything else is hurting as well, especially your head. If you’re in pain, you want answers. We have some for you here. There are several different things that might be leading to severe mouth pain. Keep reading for more information.

Causes of Severe Mouth Pain

The most common cause of severe mouth pain is tooth decay. Tooth decay often happens when the acids from bacteria in your mouth make holes in your teeth. The bacteria then invade the hole created by the acids. When the decay spreads into the middle layer of the tooth, called dentin, you might begin to feel pain and tooth sensitivity. However, if the decay continues to expand in the tooth, real pain can result when the decay hits the nerve.

Another cause of pain in teeth could be an inflammation of the tooth pulp. Usually, if the tooth pulp becomes inflamed, it is from tooth decay, but that’s not always the case. If the tooth pulp is infected or inflamed, the tissue puts pressure on the nerves, and other tissue, which can cause severe pain. The pain will only get worse over time.

Abscesses can also cause severe pain. Abscesses are caused by bacterial buildup inside the tooth pulp, which becomes infected. The infection needs somewhere to go, and it begins to drain out of the bottom of the tooth root. The pressure from the infection can cause severe swelling and pain.

You could also have a cracked tooth, especially as you age. Teeth can become weaker over time, especially if you already have a filling in the tooth. You can really feel the pain of a cracked tooth if you are biting or chewing. You may also have tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods, and sweet or sour foods.

If your mouth is hurting, why not give us a call? We can make you an appointment to get to the root of your tooth pain!


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