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What Do Your Premolars Actually Do?

Posted on 1/10/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
What Do Your Premolars Actually Do?Your mouth houses four different types of teeth – incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. While you may be familiar with three of these types, the premolars often get left out of the discussion, and you may not know exactly what they do. Read on to learn more.

What Role Do the Premolars Serve?

Also known as bicuspids, the premolars are often referred to as the traditional teeth. They help to guide food form the cuspids at the front of the mouth toward the molars in the rear. That is where a bulk of the chewing and grinding will take place, although the premolars do help with these functions, as well.

When Do You Get Your Premolars?

Most humans have eight premolars – two in each of the mouth’s four dental quadrants. The exact age that the premolars erupt will vary from person to person. However, the first usually arrives around nine years old, while the second typically follows a year later.

How Do Premolars Differ from the Molars?

The premolars are quite similar to the molars when it comes to their structure, but adults typically have more molars at 12 compared to 8. The molars are in the very back of the mouth away from the front teeth, and they are situated next to the cheek. These teeth tend to erupt before the premolars, and they are broader so that they can better crush and grind food. The molars also include the wisdom teeth which can create many problems, and many people need them removed during their teenaged years.

In order to keep your premolars and the rest of your teeth healthy, you need to keep up with your regular dental evaluations. We will provide a thorough examination as well as a detailed cleaning, leaving your teeth polished and shiny. Call us today to set up your next appointment.


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