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What Is It About Cola That Does So Much Damage to Your Teeth?

Posted on 5/2/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
Researchers have identified a main link between tooth decay and soda consumption. When you drink a lot of soda, you are more likely to have cavities, and your risk of other health complications like obesity and diabetes also increases. If you aren’t exactly sure how cola damages the teeth, it is important that you educate yourself to protect your smile.

Soda Attacks the Teeth

When it comes to how cola damages the teeth, there are two main culprits: sugar and acid. The sugar in soda feed acid-producing bacteria, which attack the teeth. Even sugar-free or diet sodas are bad because they are highly acidic on their own. With every sip of soda that you take, your teeth are subjected to a 20-minute acid attack, which weakens the enamel. This is especially problematic for kids and younger people, as they are more susceptible to decay because they have underdeveloped tooth enamel.

Protect Your Teeth When Drinking Soda

The best way to protect your teeth from soda-related acid attacks is to simply avoid it altogether, but we know that isn’t always possible. Instead, make sure that you drink soda in moderation, and try to avoid more than one can per day. Drink the soda all at once rather than sipping on it all day, as this reduces the amount of time your teeth are under attack. Drinking from a straw can divert the liquid away from the teeth and swishing your mouth out with water after drinking soda can help to reduce acid effects. Additionally, chewing on sugarless gum after drinking soda can stimulate the production of saliva to clean the teeth.
If you are a regular soda drinker, it is even more important that you keep up with regular dental exams in our office. Call us today to set up your next appointment and let us evaluate the health of your mouth.


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