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What to Do if The Corners of Your Mouth Are Constantly Cracked

Posted on 6/15/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
What to Do if The Corners of Your Mouth Are Constantly CrackedHaving cracked corners of your lips is more common than you might think. Many people suffer from this ailment and it is known as angular cheilitis.

This is a condition that can be fixed and remedied using a few common treatment options that can help to soothe and prevent the blistering and chapping to happen.

Ways to Prevent the Corners of Your Mouth from Chapping

There are numerous ways to prevent the corners of your mouth from chapping. One of the biggest ways for the corner and your lips is by being able to stay hydrated. When you stay hydrated, you can reduce this chapping.

Additionally, Vaseline, coconut oil or lip balm can also help to soothe, protect and moisturize the corners of your lips. These form barriers in that region of the mouth that prevents them from becoming chapped in the first place. Reduce the amount of times you lick your lips. Licking the lips can cause your mouth to become inflamed and irritated even more so, especially when they are already chapped or have problems.

You may also want to reduce the risks of having this irritation happen, such as having your teeth correctly aligned, stop smoking, stop sucking your thumb or fingers, making sure your dentures fit well and making sure that you get enough nutrients in the foods that you eat.

Take the time to look through the many options that are out there for lip balms. There are some that are helpful at moisturizing and providing a protective barrier on the lips. Speak with us here when you’d like further advice or if you want to make sure that nothing else is happening in your mouth that is causing this to happen. We can provide the help that you need and make sure you smile with more confidence and ease.


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