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Why You Should Buy Yourself a Water Flosser

Posted on 8/2/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
Water flossers are important for a lot of different reasons. When it comes to really cleaning out in between your teeth and the gums, then you need to use a product that is going to help you remove this buildup. Floss is a great tool to have and use every single day, but if you want a cleaner feeling, a deeper clean, then choose a water flosser to clean in between these areas, it is the best way to go. Wondering why you should choose this water flosser over some of the other options out there?

Why Choose a Water Flosser for Your Oral Health?

A water flosser comes with many benefits that floss and brushing are unable to bring. You can reach into deeper pockets of the teeth and in between the teeth when you use the water flosser over flossing. You can floss and brush, as well as use the water flosser to boost your oral health overall.
The water is strongly supplied along the gum line that can remove the plaque and build up that is laying in these areas. This is what causes gingivitis and gum disease in many people. By removing the plaque from the area, you are cleaning the teeth and protecting them overall.
Enjoy having cleaner, better looking teeth when it comes to smiling and enjoying all that comes with better oral health. When you have cleaner teeth, you have a better smile and a reason to smile overall.
Call our office today to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and exam. We are more than happy to have you come in and speak with us about your oral healthcare routine. We can provide you with many tips and tricks for better cleaning and oral health tactics. Call us today to set something up!


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