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Write Down Questions to Ask Before We See You Next

Posted on 8/15/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
Write Down Questions to Ask Before We See You NextAre you one of those people who thinks of questions to ask your healthcare provider after you leave the office? Does it drive you crazy? A lot of people think of questions to ask us- after they leave our office.

Since we see you every six months, why not write down any questions that come up about your teeth, gums, or oral hygiene, so we can answer them for you? Not sure where to start? We have some topics to help get you started.

Common Questions about Dental Care and Oral Hygiene

We do get a lot of questions in our practice. While some of them are really specific to one patient, many questions are not, and there are questions a lot of people have. For example, parents usually have a lot of questions about their children’s dental health.

They ask us when they should bring their children in to get their teeth checked for the first time, or how to properly brush a baby’s teeth when their teeth begin to come in. Parents also want to know how they can reduce the chance their child will get cavities.

Adults also have questions about their oral hygiene. They want to know if they are brushing and flossing properly. Many adults also worry about tooth decay and tooth loss, especially as they get older. They have questions about preventing tooth decay, and how diet affects their dental health.

Often, adults will have questions about how to improve their smile, and the overall look of their teeth. They may yellow teeth, or chips, and have questions about getting them fixed. Adults also want to know about techniques for straightening teeth or replacing teeth.

If you think of questions to ask us, and your next visit is still weeks or months away, find a place to write them down so you don’t forget to ask us. Or, feel free to call us anytime!


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