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What Are Cavities When You Break Them Down Into Simple Terms

Posted on 10/15/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
What Are Cavities When You Break Them Down Into Simple TermsOne of the most curious things about oral health care is how everybody's teeth are a little bit different when it comes to cavities. Some people rarely brush their teeth and have never had a cavity. On the other side of the spectrum is people that are very active in their oral care, yet they still seem to come down with cavities. So what exactly is a cavity and what causes it.

How a Cavity Begins

Your mouth carries bacteria all day, every day, the saliva in your mouth goes to battle with it by neutralizing acids and washing them away before they can break down the enamel of your tooth. When there is more acid attempting to burrow into your tooth than there is saliva to keep it away, It is the first stages of a cavity. Saliva can repair the tooth's protective surface in what's called remineralization. Our office can aid you in the process by giving your mouth cleaning and by providing fluoride gel and paste to protect the tooth from further attack.

What's Going on When You Have a Cavity?

Once the enamel has worn off your tooth, the bacteria can sometimes be seen as a white, then eventually it turns black. Once it's black, it means the bacteria have turned into plaque, which is acidic and eats away at the tooth. Your tooth has pores that go down into the root. Your tooth starts aching as the acid eats its way towards your root.

Drinking soda every day and eating lots of sugar provide plenty of acid and ammo for the plaque to go further into your tooth. Once the cavity has reached the root it can only be stopped through a visit to our office and have it drilled out, removed, and a filling applied.

It's important to know that in those beginning stages, even when the tooth is discolored, the tooth decay can be reversed. By avoiding substances that aid the plaque, followed by good fluoride toothpaste, the enamel can repair itself. Once you have a cavity, it will continue until it abscesses your tooth or you come to see us and have it filled. Our office is here. Contact us now to schedule an appointment and we can address your oral care.


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