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Dental Myths Could Leave You Neglecting Basic Dental Care
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Posted on 2/15/2020 by Dr. Jon Packman
Image of myth vs. reality sign.When it comes to taking care of your teeth, a large part of the battle is knowing what is (and is not) the best thing for you to do for them.

Unfortunately, many myths about your dental care exist, and believing they can end up causing you to develop some serious problems in your mouth. Here are a few of the more common myths, along with reasons why you should not believe them.

Tooth Decay is All About the Sugar

Pretty much everyone knows that eating foods which are high in sugar will contribute to tooth decay. This is because the elevated sugar in your mouth will feed certain types of bacteria that live there. The bacteria, in turn, produce acidic compounds that damage your teeth.

However, even if you never touch processed sugar, you could still be suffering from tooth decay. This is because there are many other foods that can contribute to this condition. Foods containing high levels of starch, for example, can cause the same problems as sugary foods. In addition, alcohol, acidic foods (such as citrus fruits and juices), and even sugarless carbonated beverages can cause damage to your teeth.

You Can Skip Flossing

Let's face it: flossing every day can be a chore. It takes longer than brushing, especially if you are not overly dexterous and struggle to get the floss to the places it needs to go. However, the fact that it may be a little more work by no means should be taken to mean that flossing is not necessary. On the contrary, if you do not floss your teeth regularly, you will almost certainly end up developing serious dental health issues.

Remember, not everything you hear is true. So, watch what you eat (even if you don't eat sugar), and don't neglect to floss. This will help keep your teeth strong and healthy.


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