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How Can You Tell That You Struggle with Halitosis?
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Posted on 3/15/2020 by Dr. Jon Packman
Image of a woman seeing if she struggles with halitosis.It's easy to notice if someone else has bad breath. It's caused by several things. The food we eat, poor dental hygiene, dehydration, coffee breath, or tooth decay or gum disease. Bad breath isn't always due to diseases. When someone has bad breath, it's considered Halitosis. 

Ways to Tell If I Have Halitosis and Don't Notice

Our mouth is connected to our sense of smell through an opening behind the palate, this serves as a door to our sense of smell. Because odors in your mouth increase slowly over time, your sense of smell does not send up a red flag. Those around you smell it, but you don't. Do the wrist test. Lick your wrist with your tongue and wait about 10 seconds, then smell your wrist. That checks the front of your tongue.

Do the spoon test. Turn your spoon upside down and place it at the back of your tongue and scrape it forward, if you gag slightly you've done this correctly. Inspect the junk on the spoon you've scraped off. If it's clear and runny, that's a great sign. The darker the color the higher the risk of odor. Give smell it after 30 seconds. That's what you smell like to others. 

How to Treat Halitosis

Once you're able to notice your breath isn't fresh, it's important to start a better oral routine. If you're not flossing once per day and brushing for 2 minutes twice a day, begin that immediately, follow it with a mouthwash containing fluoride. Drink plenty of water, chew sugarless gum, and cut back on soda. If your bad breath persists, give our office a call. Together we can take a look at what the causes may be.

With a proper examination and thorough teeth cleaning, it can help our office rule out things like tooth decay and gum disease. By getting the needed professional treatment, we can create an oral care plan, including recommendations of oral products and tips to follow in the future. It can be embarrassing to deal with bad breath, our office is empathetic and can help you get back on track, give us a call today. 


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