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Top Three Reasons Biting Down Might Hurt
Posted on 2/15/2109 by Dr. Jon Packman
You are moving along with your life, minding your own business, when all of the sudden, you bite down on a piece of food- and your mouth hurts. If you have never been in pain before, it can be a little disconcerting, especially when it is your mouth that’s hurting. Have questions why your teeth might be hurting when you bite down? We have some ideas on what could be causing your pain. Why Biting Down Hurts There are three primary reasons why your teeth might hurt when you bite down. First, if you have a sharp pain in one area of your mouth when you bite down, you may have a problem with one tooth. The tooth could have a cavity. You could also have a loose filling. The tooth could also be cracked or broken. All of these problems would cause pain when you bite down, especially...

What is Molar Uprighting and Who Typically Needs It?
Posted on 5/12/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
When you have tilted teeth in the mouth, molars in this situation, then you would likely need to have something called a molar uprighting done. These are usually the second molars in the mouth, and they are found behind the back of the molar in front of it. This is what pushes the molar down on one side, as the other side continues to pop back up. It can also mean that the tooth was trying to drift into this empty space in the mouth. What is Uprighting? Uprighting is when the tilted molar is then put right back up without having to take the tooth, or any of the other teeth out of the mouth to fix the issue. This procedure has been shown to provide positive results and a reliable procedure for our office to perform on those that are dealing with molar uprighting. When your tooth is...

What Is It About Cola That Does So Much Damage to Your Teeth?
Posted on 5/2/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
Researchers have identified a main link between tooth decay and soda consumption. When you drink a lot of soda, you are more likely to have cavities, and your risk of other health complications like obesity and diabetes also increases. If you aren’t exactly sure how cola damages the teeth, it is important that you educate yourself to protect your smile. Soda Attacks the Teeth When it comes to how cola damages the teeth, there are two main culprits: sugar and acid. The sugar in soda feed acid-producing bacteria, which attack the teeth. Even sugar-free or diet sodas are bad because they are highly acidic on their own. With every sip of soda that you take, your teeth are subjected to a 20-minute acid attack, which weakens the enamel. This is especially problematic for kids and...

What is Dental Attrition?
Posted on 4/24/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
Have you ever heard of dental attrition? We agree, it is not a term that is used a lot in dental procedures. However, dental attrition is a real thing, and it can cause damage to your teeth, as well as your overall oral hygiene. Not sure what it is, or how to avoid it? We have the answers for you here. Dental Attrition Dental attrition is a fancy name for the wearing away of your teeth. Rather than your teeth being worn down by something such as food, dental attrition is caused by teeth wearing on each other over time. As we age, dental attrition may become more noticeable, because of the number of years we have been using our teeth. Also, people who suffer from bruxism, which is the clenching or grinding of teeth, have more dental attrition than people who don’t have this...

What Causes Lumps on Your Gums?
Posted on 4/15/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
If you’ve noticed a lump or bump on your gums, you need to take notice of your symptoms. Lumps on the gums may be indicative of many problems, some more serious than others. These are some of the most common causes. Oral Cyst An oral cyst is a small bubble that fills with liquid or air. They can form on the gums around the teeth, most often around the roots of diseased teeth. They grow slowly, so this lump is something you’ll notice gradually with time. Oral Fibroma An oral fibroma is one of the most common causes of lumps on the gums. These bumps are noncancerous and form on injured or irritated gum tissue. They are especially common if you wear dentures or other oral devices. Periodontal Abscess A bacterial infection can also cause a bump in your gums. Known as an...

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