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Latest Posts:
Top Three Reasons Biting Down Might Hurt
Posted on 2/15/2109 by Dr. Jon Packman
You are moving along with your life, minding your own business, when all of the sudden, you bite down on a piece of food- and your mouth hurts. If you have never been in pain before, it can be a little disconcerting, especially when it is your mouth that’s hurting. Have questions why your teeth might be hurting when you bite down? We have some ideas on what could be causing your pain. Why Biting Down Hurts There are three primary reasons why your teeth might hurt when you bite down. First, if you have a sharp pain in one area of your mouth when you bite down, you may have a problem with one tooth. The tooth could have a cavity. You could also have a loose filling. The tooth could also be cracked or broken. All of these problems would cause pain when you bite down, especially...

Why the Corners of the Mouth Often Crack
Posted on 11/15/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
Have you ever noticed the corners of your mouth cracking? You may feel is comfort because of this or you may not think much of it. You may break out the lip balm to try to help, but that does not always resolve the issue. Instead of stabbing at the different solutions, it is better to learn why the corners of your mouth crack. This can help you not only treat it when it happens, but also prevent it from happening at all. The Cause of Cracked Mouth Corners Many assume that the cracked corners of their mouth are the result of chapped lips. This is not usually the case. Instead the cracked corners of the mouth are a condition called Angular Cheilitis. This is a condition that is the result of a fungus. This condition causes red swollen patches in the corner of the mouth. Some of the...

Why Do People Need to Brush Their Tongues?
Posted on 10/30/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
Are you performing daily oral hygiene care and yet noticing that you may occasionally have bad breath, even though you wash and floss your teeth twice a day? The issue may not be how you are brushing or your routine, but may in fact be that you aren't cleaning your tongue properly. Here's what you need to start concentrating on and adding attention to. The freshness of your tongue may be the missing link in a clean and fresh smelling breath. The Way to Clean Your Tongue After you have moved through your routine focusing on your teeth and gums, focus on your tongue. It is simple enough to apply the bristles of your toothbrush to your tongue. You can also try a specialized brush with a built-in tongue cleaner on the back of the head that can be dragged from the back...

What Are Cavities When You Break Them Down Into Simple Terms
Posted on 10/15/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
One of the most curious things about oral health care is how everybody's teeth are a little bit different when it comes to cavities. Some people rarely brush their teeth and have never had a cavity. On the other side of the spectrum is people that are very active in their oral care, yet they still seem to come down with cavities. So what exactly is a cavity and what causes it. How a Cavity Begins Your mouth carries bacteria all day, every day, the saliva in your mouth goes to battle with it by neutralizing acids and washing them away before they can break down the enamel of your tooth. When there is more acid attempting to burrow into your tooth than there is saliva to keep it away, It is the first stages of a cavity. Saliva can repair the tooth's protective surface in...

Ways of Protecting Your Dental Crowns from Wear and Tear
Posted on 9/30/2019 by Dr. Jon Packman
Coming to our office and receiving a crown is a successful way to care for a severely damaged or a decayed tooth. Sometimes called you'll hear it called a cap; they help hold together parts of a broken tooth, keep a bridge in place, and improve your overall presentation. We file down the decayed parts of the tooth and implement a cap around the remaining tooth to position it up with your other teeth. Crowns are an outstanding option to cover decayed and stained teeth. We can ease you of pain and discomfort while lifting your self- confidence by correcting your smile. In this brief piece, we will cover how to preserve your crowned teeth. Set Up a Good Oral Hygiene Routine These may sound like a given habit but brushing twice a day is a routine that should take place...

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