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Fluoride Treatment
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Image of a smiling family after child received fluoride treatment at Jon C. Packman DDS. Your teeth are subjected to a lot throughout the course of the day. Not only are they used frequently for biting, chewing, and speech, they are also exposed to some different acids from both the things you consume and the plaque and oral bacteria that occur naturally in your mouth. Plaque, which is the sticky film that accumulates on the surfaces of your teeth, is acidic in nature. Oral bacteria produce acids as they consume the sugars that linger in your mouth after eating. All of these acids leech essential minerals from your teeth, weakening your enamel. Fluoride is a naturally occurring element in the teeth that helps remineralize teeth and protect them from the acid attacks they face on a daily basis.

Fluoride can be found in a variety of sources, including treated water sources and some oral care products. For many people, these sources are enough fluoride to remineralize the teeth and keep them healthy. Those who do not get enough fluoride are more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Jon C. Packman DDS can help with fluoride treatments.

What Increases My Risk for Tooth Decay?

There are several factors that can increase your risk of experiencing tooth decay and cavities. This includes:

•  Poor oral hygiene practices. This includes being lax in your oral care, skipping certain parts, or ignoring your oral care altogether.
•  Certain lifestyle habits, such as smoking and drinking.
•  Your teeth are misaligned. Crooked teeth create hiding places for bacteria and plaque that are hard to clean.
•  You have dental crowns, bridges or veneers. The areas around your restorations may be difficult to keep clean.
•  Gum recession. The more surface area of your teeth that is exposed, the greater your chances of developing decay.
•  Dry mouth. Caused often by medication or certain illnesses, dry mouth is the ideal environment for thriving oral bacteria.

Fluoride and Your Teeth

When acids are left on your teeth for too long, they begin to erode the protective enamel layer. This causes weak spots, the beginning stages of tooth decay. Eventually, tooth decay results in the formation of small pits, called cavities. Once formed, cavities cannot be reversed, and they require professional treatment. Fluoride works to strengthen the enamel by aiding in the remineralization of your teeth. It helps to make the teeth more decay resistant. In the earliest stages of tooth decay, before the formation of a cavity, fluoride can also work to reverse the damages and restore the health of your teeth.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are usually done following the completion of your dental cleaning, although they can be done at any time. Treatment is fast, completed in just a few minutes. It is also simple and completely pain-free. After your teeth have been cleaned, a fluoride gel is applied to all surfaces of your teeth. Once we are finished applying the gel, that is it. You do not need to rinse your mouth or remove the gel in any way. In fact, it is highly recommended that, for the best results, you wait at least thirty minutes following the completion of treatment before you eat or drink. This gives the fluoride in the gel sufficient time to absorb directly into the enamel of your teeth.

In conjunction with a good oral care routine, fluoride treatments can help to protect your teeth from tooth decay and cavities. If you are interested in learning more about fluoride treatments, and finding out if they are right for you, call Jon C. Packman DDS today to schedule your appointment at (704) 978-7060.


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Those who do not get enough fluoride are more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Jon C. Packman DDS can help with fluoride treatment. Click to learn more.
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