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Multiple Tooth Implants
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Elderly woman enjoying her new smile at Jon C. Packman DDS in Statesville, NC 28677-3561When patients are missing more than one tooth it can create a whole host of problems. Not only does it greatly affect the patients oral health, but it can impact the way they chew their food, increase bone loss and, can greatly alter their appearance by not having proper support beneath their facial structure. When a space exists in the mouth, the adjacent teeth will begin to shift to fill the space and this changes tooth alignment which can impact jaw alignment. Also, without the appropriately placed tooth on the jawbone, each time the patient chews, the underlying bone structure will begin to deteriorate. This can make it difficult to apply the corrective dental appliance to correct the issue. At Jon C. Packman DDS we are ready to answer your questions and concerns about this procedure.

Will the Multiple Tooth Implant Help?

Considered part of restorative dentistry, this procedure will halt bone denigration by maintaining the correct pressure on the mandible and keep the rest of the patient’s natural teeth in their correct position. This will diminish the potential for jaw misalignment which can lead to temporomandibular disorder (TMD) issues. When teeth are missing, particularly in the front, it can cause the face to appear to sag. Replacing those missing teeth will restore the supportive structure of the person’s face and mouth.

What is Involved in a Multiple Tooth Implant?

The first step is to ensure the jawbones are strong enough for the implant to be placed. In some cases, if the bone mass needs to be increased before beginning the procedure a bone graft may be ordered.

Once the bone density has improved, the implant procedure can continue. Typically, a local anesthetic is used to ensure the patient’s comfort; however if they are overly anxious, a general anesthetic can be used. This initial step includes embedding implant posts into the mandible. After the procedure, implants are monitored until they completely fuse with the surrounding bone structure. Following the fusion, dental appliances can be attached to the implant posts which include dentures, crowns, and bridges.

Best Candidates for Multiple Tooth Implants

Though this is the most requested restorative dental procedure not everyone is a good candidate. Those patients with strong upper and lower jawbone structure in the area and who are free of gum disease to ensure the proper bonding of the implants are prime candidates. Anyone concerned with their appearance will be delighted with the results because once placed, multiple tooth implants blend in with natural teeth and are unnoticeable to others.

Healthy gum tissue can greatly increase the success rate of all restorative dentistry surgical procedures. If a patient has gum disease, it will need to be addressed before the implant procedure can be performed. This can greatly increase the time it takes to complete the multiple tooth implant surgery.

If you are missing more than one tooth and have been considering this procedure, please contact our team at Jon C. Packman DDS by either calling (704) 978-7060, or stopping by in person to get your appointment scheduled with our professionals.


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If you are missing more than one tooth and have been considering a multiple tooth implant procedure, please contact our team at Jon C. Packman DDS today to schedule an appointment!
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